I often find I am at the intersection of a handful of disciplines, drawing on ideas from science and technology studies, cultural studies, and interaction design. I am interested in relationships between experts and publics and between art and science.

I in addition to several ongoing research projects, I am currently working on a book. More information coming soon…

Current Projects

Future Design Studio

Science as Lived Experience

Recent Publications

  • 2016 Halpern, M., Sadowski, J., Eschrich, J., Finn, E. & Guston, D. (2016). Stitching Together Creativity and Responsibility: Interpreting Frankenstein Across Disciplines. Special Science Fiction Issue of the Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, 36 (1), 49-57. DOI: 10.1177/0270467616646637.
  • 2016 Halpern, M. & Humphreys, L. (2016). Iphoneography as an Emergent Art World. New Media & Society, 18(1), 62–81.
  • 2015 Forlano, L., & Halpern, M. (2015). Reimagining Work: Entanglements and Frictions around Future of Work Narratives. Special issue of Fibreculture Journal: Entanglements-activism and technology, (26), 32-59